The Living Heritage (GRU Partnership)

Name of the Project:The Living Heritage

Name of the Network: GRU Partnership

The project aims to empower the older citizens as bearers of the ICH to increase their key competences and to equip them with the skills which would enable them to take leadership role in protecting and promoting the ICH of their communities.

The adult learners will be engaged in educational activities to improve their communication skills and their ability to express themselves in a foreign language and to use digital technology to record heritage. They will be supported to take part in mobilities and participative workshops featuring practical examples related to six areas of the ICH: handicrafts and the visual arts; gastronomy; social practices, rituals and festive events; music and the performing arts; oral traditions and expressions; and knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe.
The project will enhance the individuals' intercultural competence and will encourage them to participate in an effective and constructive way in social and working life. It will improve their personal and social well-being, which in turn will reflect positively on the communities as a whole.

Role of Paragon Europe:

To undertake research at a local level on the relevant areas of ICH and organize dissemination events;
To support partners on the issues related to ICH and tourism;
Also in October 2013, Paragon hosted all partners in Malta for the first meeting of the partnership, on the occasion of the traditional and cultural Maltese event "the Birgu Fest".

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