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Paragon Europe has a robust team of in-house and external experts who have years of experience in conducting research. The team of experts is composed of people with multidisciplinary backgrounds as follows: social analysis, socio-economic impacts, financial analysis, market research. The research team is led by two social science experts who have over 15 years of experience in the conduction of research.

Paragon Europe has conducted numerous studies and evaluation activities, applying the techniques/methodologies recommended by the European Commission to assess socio-economic development promoted through its programmes.

A comprehensive list of these is outlined below:

Beneficiary surveys
Case Studies
Cost Benefit Analysis
Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Delphi Survey
Expert Panels
Focus Groups
Impact Evaluation (Theory-based impact evaluation and Counterfactual Impact Evaluation)
• Models
• Multi-Criteria Analysis
Observation Techniques
• Priority Evaluation Method
• Regression Analysis
SWOT Analysis