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EU Readiness Package

Paragon Europe facilitates the creation of business opportunities internationally, both B2B and B2C as well as public-private partnerships, since it has access to a number of global networks at the highest level. Paragon has built long term relationships with organisations both of a public and private nature, through participation in joint projects and international consortia.

Paragon Europe is also able to assist its clients in accessing various types of funding. This is thanks to the numerous links with venture capitalists internationally and having specific expertise with regards to accessing finance and public procurement offered by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.

Nevertheless, the participation of SMEs in EU programs remains limited. For this reason, Paragon offers its customers services of mentoring and coaching in order to guide them in the labyrinth of EU Funding Requests. A comprehensive package is offered which is proven to help organisations to be well informed about ongoing funding opportunities in their area and to effectively engage with leading stakeholders in order to finally participate in, and benefit from, leading project consortia in their area of expertise.