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"We have established cooperation with Paragon Europe in March 2014. Since that time we have submitted 2 projects which were prepared with their help. From the beginning Paragon Europe and its staff were very helpful. People working there enthusiastically approached and engaged in every of our ideas. Their help was significant for the proposals submitted. We continue our cooperation and stay in good relations, as Paragon Europe is a company consisting of highly skilled professionals, who are always ready to help and do their best! What’s more important – they are able to work very fast and SMART! What gives incredible results at the end! So, we can recommend cooperating with Paragon Europe to every one! It’s the best you can do, when you need assistance in submitting your proposals".

Jakub K. Weglarz, International Project Specialist at Association B-4 Rzeszow, Poland

“I got to know Paragon Europe during several meetings in Brussels during the past few years. They are very pro-active and result-oriented. With highly qualified and motivated staff they are able to present the interests of Malta in the EU science and innovation landscape very well! I look forward to cooperate more frequently with Paragon Europe”.

Pieter de Jong, Wetsus EU Liaison Officer

"My stay on Malta was very fruitful to me. The work I did to help coordinate the EU project (ICT venturegate) learned me two things: firstly work attitude: the importance of being "useful". I learned that by: being proactive, simplifying things, and working hard will provide you with higher results and more experience. Secondly, experience on the job: the job provided me with fruitful experience since it showed me the importance of chasing people, to communicate clearly to-the-point, networking and that initiating your own ideas results in higher achievements. In addition, I would like to thank both Anton and Nadia for supervising me. Especially Anton for his helpful advice (job related, but also about life in general) and patience throughout the whole period".

Karst Kalma