“EVOLVE” Project Kick off meeting

“EVOLVE” Project Kick off meeting

Erasmus Plus KA-2 VET Innovation

Venue : Liege, Belgium

Agenda: 19th - 20th October 2017

1. Reception of the participants
2. Introduction of the meeting by LMP Chairperson
3. Presentation of the course of the meeting
4. Presentation of each partner: organisation, aims and activities:
· LMP - Belgium
· Paragon - Malta
· MIA.- Norway
· INFODEF - Spain
· KIST Consult - Austria

5. Presentation of the Erasmus Plus KA-2 Guidelines
6. Introduction to the EVOLVE project : goals and architecture
7. WP: Management (transversal support activity)
8. Administrative and financial rules of the project EVOLVE

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