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With over twelve years of operational experience, our multilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary team has developed the right expertise to carry out tender and project activities to the highest standards. Paragon Europe has established itself with global and European credentials in the field of research and innovation projects.

The Project Management Department has, since 2004, been successful in sourcing funds for EU projects submitted under a number of funding programs, specifically FP7, ERDF (INTERREG IIIA, IIIB and IIIC), IEE, ICT PSP, LLP, Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+. We offer truly-proven capabilities and great assistance in any phase of the project lifecycle such as conceptualisation, project writing, financial and technical reporting, initiation, planning, design, execution, closure and follow-up. We manage each and every project effectively within a strategy to achieve important endeavours, never losing focus on the entirety and dedicating success oriented attention to every single stage.

The projects implemented by Paragon Europe fall within the following thematics:
• Capacity Building, Education and Training
• Sustainable Development and Environment
• Cultural Heritage and Tourism
• Social Inclusion
• ICT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Paragon Europe staff have expertise in:
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Soft Skills Training
• Post-Secondary and Higher Education
• Professional Development
• Vocational Educational Training (VET)
• Training Needs Analysis
• Curriculum Development
• Education sector analysis, reform and management
• Development of Agro tourism initiatives
• Rural Tourism Projects
• Preparation of Heritage Management plans
• Assessing impacts on World Heritage Sites using Limits of Acceptable Change
• Appreciation and Management of Intangible Heritage
• Creative Industries, in particular Crafts
• Capacity Assessments
• Sustainable Tourism Indicators
• Branding of Regions
• Visitor Management Plans
• Quality Assurance of Cultural Sites
• Innovation Management Techniques for the development of enterprises
• Export and Import planning
• Match Funding
• Investor Training
• Organisation of Brokerage Events


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