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Focus Groups

During the past 10 years Paragon has designed and conducted focus group research for the following areas:

- SME uptake of EU funds (Paragon - own research)
- Vocational Teachers and Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Intelligence - TOI project)
- Use of Heritage Sites by disabled persons (Tender on Limits of Acceptable Change by Heritage Malta)
- Stakeholder use of Heritage Site (Tender on Limits of Acceptable Change - Heritage Malta)
- Rural Tourism Stakeholders for the development of rural tourism policy for Gozo (Tender on ICER project)
- Development of agro-tourism businesses in Malta Sardinia and Cyprus (as part of TRIM project)
- Policy development for harbour activity (DevelopMed project)
- Gozo Business Stakeholders (Gozo Business Chamber)
- Training needs for teachers and carers for autistic children (JoTRaDI - TOI project)
- Training needs on Health and Safety in the Construction Industry (Innovative eGuide - TOI Project)