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Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Since 2009, Paragon Europe has been working on projects that require both public and private funding sources. With the backdrop of the international economic recession, funding is becoming increasingly challenging and access to finance and an optimal understanding of the economic situation more important to the decision-making process of companies. Furthermore, Paragon Europe believes that successful business and commercialisation depends on a combination of criteria that include an effective business model with clear healthy profit margins, a useful product range that allows growth in revenues and a productive and motivated workforce.

Paragon Europe has internal expertise to perform a holistic economic impact analysis that goes beyond the usual financial and economic criteria (both locally and internationally) and that includes also social and environmental considerations. Moreover Paragon Europe has provided assistance to ICT companies who intend to launch new product ideas on the market by providing them with detailed analaysis on the economic impact of their product.

Paragon Europe has conducted impact assessments in the following areas: clean technology companies and ICT companies.