European Values of social Life and Vocational Integration

Name of the project:EVOLVE - European Values of social Life and Vocational Integration

Acronym of the Project: EVOLVE

Website of the Programme: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/

Start Date: 01/09/2017

Duration: 24 Months

General Objectives

A total of 3.8 million people immigrated to one of the EU-28 Member States during 201, as per Eurostat. Europe is facing difficulties in integrating the refugees and providing them with employability skills and jobs. Migrants face daily problems of social integration, differences of values and culture, difficulty in financing their lives, and as a result at risk of marginalisation. Against the background of demographic changes through migration, some countries in Europe exhibit tendency for social-economical-political instability and even violence. A priority for VET education is to innovate and develop a suitable educational offer for migrants to promote EU values and to ensure that they improve their language skills, enhance their employability skills and in consequence, find jobs easier, for e.g.: jobs in shortage which could be fit by migrants. The project EVOLVE emphasizes the need for promoting European values to enhance social inclusion and economic integration in order to meet the values based integration needs of migrants. Aim is to promote our project in an added-value approach linked to the optimization of current socio-professional institutional/governmental services.
Our qualified training support includes: - creating a training-guide about professions in general, about skills and competences of professions (to develop the language skills, intercultural skills and vocational and business skills related to the chosen profession/business), knowledge about the eco-socio environment and organizational structure of professions in the host country, chambers, bodies for recognition of certifications, job market information as well and administrative structure for being employed; this will be done in digital training via APPs (using innovative blended learning). - Job shadowing in a chosen company This ensures that the migrant continues to develop her/his language skills, intercultural skills and vocational and business skills. Tailor-made Career education plan for the chosen profession/business (assessment, specific training modules for personal and professional competences for the chosen profession, recognition of qualifications, mentoring-program through "business angels" for sustainable implementation in the real labour-market. - Certification under EQF standards and ECVET recognition - Implementation guide for career guidance in each country
Target: Regularised Migrants of all cultures, interested to adapt for social inclusion and workplace integration as per European Values and having at least EQF level A2 proficiency in host language.

Role of Paragon Europe

· To participate in the transnational meetings; to participate in the project co-coordination/ partner project management; to prepare regular reporting and evaluation for progress reports;
· Responsible for conducting of the comparative analysis of cross-cultural European values diagnosis in Malta (gathering data, comparison)
· As the responsible partner: Paragon designs, coordinates and ensures the implementation of job shadowing for interested migrants with cooperating host organizations. It includes a pilot seminar after the visit to evaluate the results of the migrant’s experiences, learning and outcomes of the Job-Shadowing.
· To contribute to the overall approach to dissemination; to disseminate the Project in a continuous way through different channels; to contribute to project reports with information about the dissemination activities.

Project Meetings

· All partners will organize 1 transnational meeting. The project meetings are planned bi-annually. All meetings are scheduled for 2 working days, 2 participants from each partner. There will be 5 transnational meeting plus 1 final meeting.
· 1st meeting: Kick-off Meeting: September 2017 in Liege, Belgium
· 2nd meeting: Spain (Valladolid) 8nd -9th February 2018
· 3rd meeting: Norway (Oslo) 21st -22nd June 2018
· 4th meeting: Malta (DATE MISSING! )
· 5TH meeting: Austria (Klagenfurt) 4th-5th April 2019
· Final Meeting: Belgium (Liege) 17th June 2019


· Le Monde des Possibles - Belgium (Coordinator)
· Paragon Europe – Malta
· Insituto para el fomento del desarrollo y a la formacion S.L. -Spain
· KIST Consult-Austria
· Stiftelsen Mangfold I arbeidslivet (MIA) – Norway


· Multiplier event (final dissemination conference in Belgium):25.07.2019

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