4D4F - Data Driven Dairy Decision 4 farmers

Acronym: 4D4F

Start Date: 06/02/2016

Duration: 36 Months

Aims of the project:

The aim of this project is to create a network for dairy farmers, technology suppliers, data companies, agricultural advisors and researchers which will improve decision making by dairy farmers by better use of dairy sensors. The dairy animal and environmental sensors will help farmers address the issues of poor dairy environments and livestock buildings and environments. Data will collected in real time sensors so as to get fast corrective action that improves the performance of the livestock, hence improving productivity and monitoring environmental impacts. Moreover, the network (comprised of both dairy cow and dairy goat producers) will map knowledge gaps and if further research is required, new groups that prepare research projects and apply for EU funding will be set up.
A Community of Practice made up of 350 members by the end of the 36th month, of which at least 50% should be industry members, will be set up. 10 standard operating procedures will be developed by the 24th month so as to set up protocols in view of the sensors data as well as data analysis which will gather information that will aid the dairy farmers. 10 online guides, which will be reinforced by videos and infographics will help the learning and communication process of the farmers as well as their use of data sensors; moreover, and Online Virtual Warehouse of Dairy Sensor Technologies will be developed in order to promote information about the data sensors. By the end of the project, a number of events and workshops will be held; during the aforementioned events, farmers who will have adopted this system by that time will meet farmers who will have not yet adopted it and help them explore the data generated by dairy sensors. 3 reports which outline any innovation needed for the industry based on feedback from CoP, will be delivered annually and this project will continue to be sustained even after the project ends.

Role of Paragon

Paragon Europe will be setting up a local network of stakeholders to disseminate the project outcomes and set up meetings with the stakeholders to put forward the obstacles that Maltese farmers are facing. This will be achieved through one-to-one meeting, focus groups and workshops.

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