Name of Project: MOBILITAS - MOBIlity for nearLy-zero CO2 in medITerranean tourism destinAtionS


Project Ref. number: In the form: 679 - 1443438255

Name of Programme: INTERREG MED 2014-2020

Start Date: 01/09/2016

Duration: 30 Months

Role of Paragon:

• Participation to Management WP1: Steering Committee and Project Management meetings
• Participation to WP2 Communication
• Participation to WP3 Studying and Testing of Pilots


To tackle congestion in 7 Countries/10 regions affected by intense tourism flows with great pressure on transport infrastructure and mobility, and reduce negative effects in terms of air pollution, CO2 emission, noise, health, un-safety roads, and loss of cities’ attractiveness.
MOBILITAS elaborates different SCENARIOS to enable policy makers and stakeholders better understanding effects of different choices on improving environmental quality as a whole of destination.
Within a common transnational approach, pilot testing actions range from soft to hard measures will take place.

Paragon’s tasks:

• Participation to 4 intermediate + 1 final Steering Committees (SC) and transnational project meetings (TPM)
• Contribution to communication and dissemination plan (CDP) & strategy, by Paragon Communication Manager
• Collect information and data (about mobility and services in tourist localities) within a common transnational framework and templates prepared by WP coordinator IUAV
• Preparing pilot activities including IT Tools applied to sustainable tourist mobility
• Testing (processes, techniques, models, tools, methods and services)
• Elaborate a policy document on Sustainable Tourism Mobility (STM) to be proposed to local administrations
• Participating to (inter)national workshops, seminars, meetings


• L2.2.1 Reports on Communication Strategy
• L2.3.1 Media Relations (1 press conference organ-ised targeted to national /regional TVs, radios, newspapers; 9 press releases/interviews/press arti-cles in each PP region, collected in a dossier)
• L2.3.2 Social media communication, mailing & vid-eo production

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