Name of the project: On the move

Acronym of the Project: On the move

Website of the project: Not available yet

Start Date: 01/01/2016

Duration: 18 Months

Call: Erasmus+ / Collaborative Partnerships / Not-for-profit European sport events

Objectives: contribute to raising awareness of the need for physical activity as the basis of healthy lifestyle by changing habits of identified target groups (preschool children and their families). The reason of undertaking this project is to tackle the challenges of growing obesity among preschool children in countries involved in the project and to raise awareness about importance of active lifestyle and healthy nutrition in all project partner countries.

Target groups:
a) pre-school children aged 4 to school enrolment
b) families

Role of Fopsim:
1) Infosession
2) Sport programme: athletics, gymnastics and swimming (all children must participate in all 3 activities during week) for 3 months
3) Children will be divided into 2 groups - in each group 10 children (4,5 or 6 years)
4) 5 Family events organisation
5) Participation in the project meetings

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