Data Driven Dairy Decisions 4 Farmers

Name of the project: Data Driven Dairy Decisions 4 Farmers

Acronym of the Project: 4D4F

EU Funded Programme: H2020

Start Date: 6th February 2016

Duration: 36 Months

Aim: The Data Driven Dairy Decisions for Farmers is a thematic network that will focus on the role which dairy animal and environmental sensors can play in collecting real time information to help make more informed decisions in dairy farming. The network will develop a community of practice comprised of farmers, farm advisors, technology suppliers, knowledge exchange among professionals and researchers, who will work together to debate, collect and communicate best practices drawn up from innovative farmers, industry and the research community to facilitate the co-creation of best practices.

Role of PRN: Paragon Europe will be setting up a local network of stakeholders to disseminate the project outcomes and set up meetings with the stakeholders to put forward the obstacles that Maltese farmers are facing. This will be achieved through one to one meetings, focus groups and workshops.

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