Name of the Project: Water Efficiency in European Urban Areas

Acronym: WE@EU

EU Funded Programme: (FP7 ROK)

Project Website: www.weateu.eu

WE@EU has been conceived to coordinate European R&D and Innovation in the urban applied water efficiency market of products and services through high-level trans-national cooperation. It is based on the ambition to create an open European platform for EU excellence in water efficiency in urban water management. WE@EU is aimed to analyse the interactions and interdependencies among a broad range of actors within the value chain of the “water efficiency sector”.

Role of Paragon Europe: The main tasks of Paragon Europe is the participation in all the different WPs with a different degree of involvement and the leadership of one Work Package, specifically regarding support activities relating to mentoring of regions to support the setting up and development of research-driven clusters.

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