MAR Solutions - Managed Aquifer Recharge Strategies and Actions (AG128)

Name of the Project: Managed Aquifer Recharge Strategies and Actions

Acronym: MAR Solutions

Name of the network: EIP Water

Project Website:

Managed Aquifer Recharge technique, or simply MAR, has become, perhaps, the best technique within the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) framework, to palliate Climate Change adverse effects. As some impacts are increasing rapidly in scale and intensity, permanent “technological solutions” are required as a "water innovation in action" line. It is worth mentioning that FP7 INNO-DEMO MARSOL project, that started Dec. 1st 2013, is supporting this Action Group making available 8 demo sites to show the suitability of MAR techniques.

Involving the principal stakeholders and SMEs in this action group and transferring the results of this action into guidelines/policy will ensure MAR transferability to other locations. This will allow a major social advance (in Europe and worldwide) and can clearly contribute to improving living standards and job creation, as it increases the water availability to important economic sectors, improves human health and well-being, and sustains ecosystem functions and biodiversity.

Perhaps the biggest sector directly affected by MAR technique implementation will be agro-industry. In some Mediterranean countries, farmers are grouped in irrigation communities, what involves individuals, SMEs and even big industries. Their success, most of the times, is affected by water availability, and aquifers are the best way to store water as its capacity overweight traditional damming and decreases water supply transportation costs. Successful experiences are becoming more and more popular and farmers have become a sector who claims for the implementation of new MAR facilities and opportunities.

Apart from the agro-industry, many other sector have been identified as beneficiaries, as water supply companies, waste water treatment plants and desalination agents, public bodies related to water management at care of the quality, etc. the eco-innovation label might be include in some of their processes thanks to water quality improvements by means of MAR technique.

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