Bike2Work (IEE)

Name of the Project: Bike2Work - Smart choice for commuters

EU funded Programme: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

Programme Website:

To achieve a significant energy-efficient modal shift from motorized mode to cycling by introducing programs that instigate behavioural changes to employers, leading eventually to a change in the behaviour of commuters.

Role of Paragon Europe:

To organise one of the campaigns, involving 1,000 participants. This campaign involves the setting up of a project team including supporters, volunteers and stakeholders, together with the establishment of a website. These campaigns will also depend a lot on the media coverage and marketing, as it is through this mechanism that the project aims to reach out toa larger number of people. Meanwhile,Paragon Europe will also be establishing consultation sessions with employers, for the project to be more effective. Finally, Paragon Europe will also host one of the intermediary meetings in Malta, welcoming all the other twelve partners in the project.

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