Name of the Project: Transferring Competencies through Self Narration and the Mentoring Process

Acronym: TraME

EU Funded Programme: LLP Grundtvig

Project Website:

The TraMe Partnership focuses on intergenerational learning. It brings together organizations which are committed, with their specific competences, to support the cultural and educational values that go along with traditional artisanship and handicrafts. All the partners are keenly aware of the need to increase the motivation and the skills amongst the Artisans to pass on their knowledge as well as to help younger people understand the importance of learning about those skills and activities. The general aim of the TraMe Partnership is through the self-narration method to increase both the Artisans motivation and ability to be mentors for their trade and to increase the young adults’ awareness of the importance of this cultural heritage.

Paragon Europe’s role:

• Collect the documentation provided by the partner Organizations, and edit, in English, the basic version of the promotional leaflet;
• Give inputs on the cooperation with media to promote the Partnership activities, results and product;
• Host the fourth project meeting, participate in mobility an involve 6 students and 2 experts;
• To make 8 mobilities.

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