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Name of the Project: SmeSpire

EU funded Programme: Seventh Framework Programme

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The project aims to fulfil the requirements established by the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC, which calls for an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe and requires huge environmental digital contents to be harmonised and made interoperable in more than 30 countries in 22 languages across Europe. The management of environmental digital content and languages coming from the INSPIRE implementation is an opportunity for all the European SMEs active in the ICT and environmental sectors, because they can play a key-role in enabling the Member States in fulfilling the Directive obligations with a maximum cost-benefit ratio: the project will bridge the big gap existing today between the environmental content providers and the legally binding technological and operational requirements set by the Directive.

SmeSpire’s purpose is to encourage and enable the participation of SMEs in the mechanisms of harmonizing and making large scale environmental content available. The project will specifically:
•Assess market potential for SMEs in relation to INSPIRE as an integral component of the Digital Agenda for Europe;
•Collate, translate and exploit a Best Practice Catalogue in the management of environmental content;
•Develop a multilingual package to train environmental data analysts in the maintenance and exploitation of environmental data commons;
•Create a network to transfer result-driven knowledge throughout Europe with research centres, environmental agencies, progressive technology providers and digital content providers;
•SmeSpire offers the Commission an early integration of results for relevant programmes (ISA) directly into the knowledge base of geo-ICT SMEs.

The effort of Paragon is divided in several WPs in the following way:

•Collect, collate and report the facts and findings with regard to geo-ICT and other topics through a questionnaire and interviews among INSPIRE MSCPs, SMEs representatives and other relevant experts;
•Translation of the catalogue of the educational curricula;
•Best Practice Catalogue compilation - Highlighting both successful and unsuccessful outcomes;
•Project dissemination and organization of the SmeSpire day in Malta.

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