Name of the Project: Transfer of Administrative and Pedagogical Tools useful to manage mobility project

Acronym: TAPT

EU Funded Programme: LDV TOI

The project aims is:

to improve the quality and efficiency of mobility project management by creating a common infrastructure to support participants with administrative and pedagogical tools adjustable to any kind of publics, sectors or structures. By 2014, the objective is to have an efficient pedagogical engineering that complies with the Commission’s ambitions for “Erasmus for all”.
The transferred tools could be used by any Europeans structures willing to improve and structure the mobility projects management.
The TOI concerns a methodology developed by ADICE, called: “Qualitative method to manage mobility project”, and based on three pillars:
• The booklet entitled «Manager’s Portfolio», which explains the pedagogical scheme created by ADICE;
• The «Mobility Booklet» provides an efficient support to participants according to the pedagogical scheme
• The Data base: «Mobility Management System» to centralise, optimise and facilitate the administrative and pedagogical management.

Role of Paragon Europe:

Paragon Europe help organizations by providing information on how to build and run internship programs. In addition,the company provide and share examples of mobility projects, courses and support the construction of training manuals and tools.

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