LEMOR (GRU Partnership)

Name of the Project: Learning Managers Learning Organizations within the Context of Managing Social Exclusion and Poverty

Acronym: LEMOR

Name of the Network: GRU Partnership

Project Website: lemorproject.eu

Lemor is a project designed for finding new cross-cultural ways and sharing good practices on poverty and social exclusion in EU States, because these problems are among the most relevant on EU agenda.

Role of Paragon Europe:

Special Task:
• in collaboration with Poland and United Kingdom Paragon Europe will develop a documentary film with multilingual subtitles.
• 8 mobilities

Common tasks of all partners:

• Acting as a partner institution, and doing the tasks for a partner;
• All the project requirements for internal activities;
• Supporting the coordinator institution and their own participants;
• Doing the tasks allocated for itself in work programme of project;
• Organizing the country mobility and cross-border mobility;
• Selecting the participants in compliance with the project requirements;
• Preparing country reports and filling questionnaries;
• Organizing one project meeting or conference.

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