Name of the Project: Sustainable Energy Action Plans in Support of the Islands Pact

Acronym: ISLE PACT

Project Website:

This project aims at: bringing together 12 groups of European island authorities in order to achieve the following goals:
•Achieve an overall objective of more than CO2 emissions reduction by 2020.
•Demonstrate their political commitment to EU sustainable energy objectives by signing a binding declaration, the Pact of Islands, undertaking to put programmes, actions and investments in place to help achieve the overall objective of the project.
•Develop Island Sustainable Energy Action Plans (ISEAPs) as the means by which they will achieve the overall target of the project.
•Develop methodologies and tools that will allow them to monitor progress of implementation of ISEAPs as well as track progress in reducing CO2 emissions to the desirable levels by 2020.
•Assess environmental and socio-economic factors, as they may affect and influence the implementation of ISEAPs.
•Produce a pipeline of priority bankable projects that will be used as the means to implement the ISEAPs and achieve targets.
•Propose a number of financing tools and mechanisms that will provide the financial resources needed by investors to implement the bankable projects.
•Launch a strong information dissemination campaign with the view to disseminate the results and achievements of the project to the largest possible number of people and increase the level of awareness in islands’ efforts to contribute in the fight against climate change.

Role of Paragon Europe:

Paragon Europe has been entrusted by the Local Councils’ Association to represent the Maltese municipalities in this project. The main responsibilities of Paragon shall be related to conducting professional research, compiling reports for the topic in hand and maintain communication channels with stakeholders including politicians, teachers and civil society in general.

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