Name of the Project: Improvement of maritime accessibility and of transit capacities through multimodality and intermodality

Acronym: Develop-Med

EU Funded Programme: MED

Project Website:

DEVELOPMED Project aims to promote:

•The strategic position of the Med space, through the strengthing of the maritime accessibility and empowering the Ports role in the modality and intermodality transport systems;
•The definition of a common transnational strategy for the development of intra and extra Med connections, through the coordination of national and regional policies;
•The declination of the policy lines in coordinated actions between Mediterranean ports, in order to improve their capacity to face international competition.

The general objectives of the project are:
•To promote the increased competitiveness of the Mediterranean maritime transport system and to
improve access to new global markets.
•To facilitate and promote traffic flows (people and goods) through efficient and well integrated intermodal transport networks (both spatially and mode-wise)
•To produce beneficial effects for the environment due to strong focus placed on low impacts modes, such as sea and inland water-way
•The specific objectives of this project are:
•Create a functioning, interlinked “logistics system” of ports at the national/regional programming level
•Support the development of the individual ports involved
•Strengthen the connections between the ports and the Pan-European Transport Corridors and extra-European territories
•Enhance the transnational dimension of the network of ports to capitalise the results achieved at the EU level.

Role of Paragon Europe:

Paragon Europe’s main responsibilities are related to the communication component of this project. The company was responsible for various aspects of the dissemination plan of Develop-Med and also developed a Supporting Factors Guide for successful implementation of local action plans in order to encourage development and collaboration between participating ports.

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