Name of the Project: “MedIsolae – 3D” Mediterrean Islands 3D Navigation

Based on already available geodata owned and delivered by the partners MedIsolae 3D has delivered to over 100 European Mediterranean Islands a spatial database infrastructure (SDI) which is based on EU-Inspire via webGIS, A 3D-aerial webGis flying-over application, for island navigation as virtual- visiting, A dissemination, exploitation and sustainability plan for the commercial use of the portal, a dynamic Portal for island information, data sales, and 3D aerial navigation, which is also linked to Google Earth, Virtual Earth and ArcGlobe SDI/GIS platforms. From a technology based perspective MedIsolae 3D is aimed to
Link its technology to Google Earth, Virtual Earth and ArcGlobe SDI/GIS platforms;

Share SDI/INSPIRE technology with Med-islands and other island networks;
Improve the usage and accessibility of standard spatial information;
Encourage the creation of island SDI networks and the knowledge of cross-fertilization;
Deliver added value on raw and processed geospatial data and technology based on INSPIRE,
Promote the internet geospatial technology for tourism and other sectors.

Paragon Europe’s role:

Paragon Europe covered the whole area of Malta. The type included were Satellite images of the island , the vector data MRNW, ICNW, STNW, 10 major cities in scale 1:50k, 1:5k, 1:1k. The elevation of contours and DTM/DSM/DEM. The POI’s and the street names, 3D landmarks and yellow pages information. The quality and the definition is 1,000 images, the format and quality is JPEG. The IPR, all the data have IPR by Paragon Europe and the all data is available for free.
Paragon Europe assumed these tasks Liaison with the organizations and authorities in Malta, the collection and harmonization of Maltese data. Also coordination with the Epsilon-Greece in GIS data Q/A, the uploading of the Malta data on the Portal with full responsibility, the supervision of the Malta application with full responsibility.

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