Name of the Project: Sharing European Entrepreneurial Diversity II


EU Funded Programme: CIP-EYE

The project represents the natural continuation of a previous initiative that is still in implementation under the cycle 3 of the EYE Program.

Project Objectives:

â–ªDevelopment of "business to business" relationship among 35 young/future entrepreneurs from the participating countries and experienced entrepreneurs from other European Union countries;
â–ªHelp 35 young/future entrepreneurs to gain new skills and competencies that contribute to the development of their own business or other business in the EU;
â–ªHelp 35 young/potential entrepreneurs to understand the meaning of starting a successful business;
â–ªCreate opportunities for 35 young and future entrepreneurs to experience and understand how could a business be influenced by cultural differences;
â–ªPromote business spirit, vision and creativity, responsibility and risk among young and/or future entrepreneurs;
â–ªIncrease the number of competitive businesses in Italy, Poland, Malta and Romania;
â–ªDevelopment of international relations by enabling the work in partnership with host companies to develop markets across borders, for 35 young and/or future entrepreneurs, providing them the prospect to internationalise their business;
â–ªOffer the 35 successful entrepreneurs the access to new skills and innovative knowledge from foreign young and new entrepreneurs/future entrepreneurs and to gain knowledge and information about foreign markets and opportunities to internationalise their business;
â–ªOffer the opportunity to young/potential future entrepreneurs from European countries to learn and benefit from the experience of 35 successful entrepreneurs;
â–ªFacilitate the exchange of good practices between entrepreneurs from European countries involved in the programme;
â–ªPromote equal opportunities without any discrimination;
â–ªFacilitate the intermediate organisations, part of the European project network to expand their activities, services and geographic area.

Paragon Europe’s role:

•Provision of information and induction services for NEs participating in the mobility experiences
•Provision of financial assistance to the NEs participating in mobility action
•Management of the financial assistance to NEs
•Provision of assistance services to visiting NEs
•Assure a permanent contact with HEs and their respective NEs

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