Name of the Project: SMART-ISLANDS

Project Website:

The aim of this project is that of delivering a GeoPlatform/Globe with 8 integrated Smart Webservices specifically addressed to Mediterranean Islands, that are small and have unique characteristics. However, the SMART-ISLAND Platform can have an EU-wide and international applicability and value once delivered to the market in 2012.
SMART-ISLAND is a product aimed to selling “services for profit” based on a Marketing Plan to be released prior to project closure (2012) with the aim to recover Partners investment in two years after project.

Objectives: delivering a Geo Platform with 8 integrated Smart Web services specifically addressed to Mediterranean Islands

Paragon Eurore role:

the main responsibilities are mainly related to the Smart 3D Leisure pilot, where the company looked at the applications of smart web-services. Further to this, Paragon Europe played an important role in planning and developing the business plan as envisaged in WP5, along with identifying and supporting the consortium in developing communication and dissemination tools so as to ensure visibility and a continuous flow of information between the different stakeholders.

In addition Paragon Europe provided:

•the required information on the Maltese Islands so as to ensure that the development
of the smart islands platform and the smart islands pilot integrates the needs of the islands vis-à-vis its context.
•Contribution to the technical management, project monitoring, reporting, quality control of the project and financial management;
•Contribution to the Project Geo-portal;
•Contribution to the analysis to the project user requirements, definition of use cases;
•Contribution to the design of the SMART-ISLAND Globe and the module 3D-Leisure;
•Implementation of the Pilots Datasets for the Malta island;
•Conduction of the Pilots for the Island of Malta in the module 3D Leisure;
•Contribution to the marketing and dissemination plan;
•Preparation of dissemination material;
•Dissemination activities for the promotion of the project through publications and newsletters.

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