C-Liege (IEE)

Name of the Project: C-Liege

EU Funded Programme: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

Project Website: c-liege.eu

C-LIEGE is the showcase for good practices and a helpful hand for all European cities striving for cleaner and sustainable urban transportation. On the basis of good practices the project will define an integrated framework for energy efficient Urban Freight Transport (UFT) management and planning. A novel set of integrated solutions and "push-and-pull" demand-oriented measures will be tested and shared in roadmaps for the implementation in European cities. Seven pilot experiments in six European countries ensure the applicability of the C-LIEGE approach: Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany and Malta.

Role of Paragon Europe:

• Leading the engagement of the local stakeholders within their own cities.
• Organisation of the 4 local round tables (in each site) where to reach a stable consensus with local business stakeholders.
• Agreement between business stakeholders and Local authorities on soft-measures needed to be implemented locally to enhance the UFT sector (in each site).
• Produce their own Premium Quality partnership, defining their own road-map for stakeholders’ integration.
• Support in data provision for good practices elicitation.
• Identification of emerging roles, responsibilities and governance models the EU Local authorities (C-LIEGE approach).
• Implement in their own local area their communication strategy in order to involve stakeholders into the pilot and create project awareness in the respective cities.

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