Using ICT in Music Education Project Kick-off Meeting in Palermo, Italy

Using ICT in Music Education Project Kick-off Meeting in Palermo, Italy

Paragon Europe attended the kick-off meeting for the ‘Using ICT in Music Education’ Project in Palermo, Italy between the 19th and 20th January, 2017. The event was attended by all nine international partners from Turkey, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece and Romania and hosted by one of the Italian partners involved in the project, the non-profit organisation - CEIPES.

Malta is represented by Paragon Europe. The Using ICT in Music Education Project has a total budget of €91,265 and will run for 24 months, having started in September 2016. The project is EU-funded through the Erasmus+ programme and its main aim is to ensure Technological Learning and Digital Storytelling in Music Education. The main goal is to enhance adults’ and educators’ awareness as to conscious and practical use of interactive technologies in the learning process.

Through the actions proposed by the project, each partner will work to enhance the quality of adult education, as well as motivate participants and trainees to learn languages, to use ICT and to enrich knowledge about European culture.

During the meeting in Italy, each partner presented themselves and their institutions and the project was introduced assuring its awareness, objectives, activities and results. Discussions followed about the roles and responsibilities of each partner and a workplan together with a timetable of activities with milestones was fixed. Project monitoring, evaluation, quality assurance procedures and dissemination strategy were all defined. Ideas for the project website were also discussed together with next steps for execution.

In Malta, Paragon Europe will support the project with its expertise and best practices in the specific sector. Given its experience in promoting the development of emerging Maltese talent, Paragon Europe will strengthen the project by stimulating the circulation of results and products developed during the implementation phase and help increase recognition and visibility of cultural and creative artists. Paragon Europe will also organise ICT courses and music courses for trainees and will take care of the dissemination of project results.

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