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Final Meeting Portugal Dissemination

During 12th and 13th July 2018, Paragon Europe attended the final meeting of the project "Using ICT in Music Education" in Coimbra (Portugal). The aim of the project is to develop conscious and practical use of interactive technologies in music.

The consortium is very satisfied with the results achieved, all the partners contributed in different way to reach the purpose with success. During the last meeting, the host partner APCC-AssociaƧao de Paralisia Celebral de Coimbra organized a live performance with a group of persons with serious disabilities directed by a music therapist in which they used a special software to generate music.

In these two years of implementation we had the opportunity to get in touch with different realities knowing even more how the music can be important and change our life. The feedback from the people involved was very positive. It is true that through new technologies it is possible for everyone to produce and be part of the music world.

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Published: 02 Aug 2018

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