New project awarded - WISED

New project awarded
Erasmus+ KA2
Paragon Europe

WISED is a new project awarded under the Erasmus+ programme in which Paragon Europe Malta will participate together with five other partners: Language Link London ltd (UK), Archivio della Memoria (Italy), ProEduca z.s. (Czech Republic), Uluslararasi Hayat Boyu Ogrenme Dernegi (Turkey) and Gestión Estratégica e Innovación (Spain).

Half of the world’s population is women but when we consider the gender of entrepreneurs, it can be said men are more successful than women in the labour market. According to International Labour Organization (ILO) Report on Global Employment Tendency (ILO, 64-69), rate of women participating the employment is 49,2%, rate of men participating the employment is 72,9% rate of women participating the labour market is 52,7% and rate of men participating the labour market is 77,9%.

The WISED project focuses on the development for social enterprise for women in business to create significant social value, and in doing so develop a strong influence in the entrepreneurial market. Through its activities the project will promote a multiplier effect on a socio-economic level, social inclusion and equality in education/industry.

The WISED project will provide a framework to increase productivity through improved engagement of disadvantaged women and investment in capacity building for women through digital learning approaches.

It will serve to achieve key competences for lifelong learning on recommendations of the European Parliament and of the Council, and EC Competence Framework through:

“Best Practices Techniques” which will ensure the development of a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship skills and will support learning through real stories of women and through the development of the digital competences of women.

A Soft Skills Manual composed of 6 modules covering innovative learning, teaching methods and will lead to Social Enterprises managed by local and immigrant women and will bring them a higher level of knowledge about the business sector.

The project will run for 24 months, starting from November 2018.

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