IBCVET newsletter May 2017

International Forum in Malta

31st May Fortress Builders – Valletta

IBCVET is a project funded by the programme Erasmus + that aims to improve CVET public policies at European and national level within the BLUE economy in particular the shipbuilding sector, and the enhancement of the opportunities for adult skills’ development, employed and unemployed, especially those with low educational and rofessional levels of qualification.


It's a key point of access to all relevant information about the project, including the project results and outputs. The website has contents in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.


ICT Platform

It's a database that includes the CVET opportunities in the shipbuilding industry, particularly for adults with low qualifications. The partners involved have identified several training programmes that are offered in Portugal, Malta, Galicia (Spain) and Brittany (France). Several search options are available (country, EQF levels,...)


State of the Art

The output of WP2, is a comparison of CVET policies in four European Regions: Portugal, Spain-Galicia, France - Brittany and Malta, including a SWOT analysis. Differences have been identified in what makes it possible for each partner to progress towards the necessary level of maturity in order to obtain that level of professionalism which is essential to sector competitiveness and human resources efficiency.

The consortium

The consortium mobilizes eight organisations from five different countries (Portugal, France, Spain, Malta and United Kingdom): One National Authority (ANQEP – the applicant and project coordinator), one business association(ACLUNAGA), two organisations related to industrial clusters from the Blue Economy
(AIN and BPN), two organizations specialized in training, project management, networking, partnership and EU politics(Magellan and Paragon), one public employment agency (MEFP) and one university (University of Strathclyde).

The setting

The Project aims to deeply focus on the issues of CVET that have been highlighted both in the Bruges Communiqué and in the latest Eurydice's report on adult education. This will be achieved through
cooperation and partnership between public authorities and CVET stakeholders from different countries and regions of the EU.

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