Genius Loci: Final Conference

The industrial heritage of SMEs an asset for tourist and regional development

Date: 21st September 2017

Location: Committee of the Regions, Brussels

We would like to invite you, or a representative, to this meeting with the subject: The industrial heritage of SMEs : an asset for tourist and regional development.

The Genius Loci Project aimed to foster the touristic market related to the following sectors:

Morning - start at 10.00 am

Fermented drinks (beer, wine, cider, etc.), the distilling process, and their transformation into spirits
The heritage of clay processing industries (bricks, tiles, roof tiles [refractory bricks, pottery, drainage pipes, majolica, etc.])
Traditional textile crafts (weaving) and the production of traditional European textile fibres (flax, hemp, etc.)

The results of the Genius Loci project for all partner countries will be presented. The follow up of ‘Genius Loci’ will also be discussed. The Industriana label will be rolled out during the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Through the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage a special effort will be launched to promote cross-border cooperation and networking.

Participation is free however registration is mandatory. Deadline for registration 30 August 2017

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